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Why a wooden house

Today’s wooden houses offer standards which look ahead in a timeless manner, both from the viewpoint of the architectural solution and also from the viewpoint of the technological execution of the building work. In comparison to a brick building the realisation of prefabricated wooden houses is very fast and easy.

1. Thermal insulation qualities

High thermal resistance (R=5.56 m2 K/W – Vario Standard) means low costs of heating in the winter and, on the other hand, of keeping the building cool in the summer. 

2. Acoustic qualities

The sandwich design of the wooden constructions means better acoustics inside than is the case with massive brick constructions. 

3. Ecological parameters

Wood is a renewable material and places a minimum burden on the environment, not only during the building and use of the house, but also during its possible liquidation.

4. Healthy environment

Wooden houses have a pleasant interior environment. The wood regulates the absorption and release of moisture from the house.

5. Easy change of the dispositions

The light and easily dismantled construction facilitates both easy and demanding changes in the variability of the arrangement of the interior.

6. Larger interior space

Construction on the basis of wood means that there is comparable thermal resistance with narrower walls than traditional brick buildings. You will gain more interior space for living.

7. Building the whole year round

Because of the dry construction technology, which does not require any drying process, it is possible to build at any time during the year.

8. Speed of building

You can build a prefabricated wooden house in several weeks. You can start living in the house within three months from the start of the construction.

9. Long lifetime

The high quality of the materials used and their performance guarantee a long lifetime. Twenty years of maintenance-free state, fifty years of guarantee on the construction, and a lifetime for the building of one hundred years.

10. Saving money

Wooden houses are very economical, not only during their construction, but also throughout the period of their use. They have low operating costs.
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