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Cutaway view of the house

After you click on the thumbnail of the picture it will be shown in full size. After opening the picture you can move to the next one with the arrows on the keyboard.

A single construction can be adjusted according to the needs of the customer (thickness of the insulation, etc.).

Diffusively closed construction – Vario Standard

Diffusively closed wall Diffusively closed wall
Attic house roof Attic house roof
Bungalow roof Bungalow roof

Diffusively opened construction – Vario Diffu

Vario Diffu Wall Vario Diffu Wall
Vario Diffu Passive Wall Vario Diffu Passive Wall
Vario Diffu Roof Attic Vario Diffu Roof Attic
Bungalow roof Bungalow roof
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