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Houses for pleasure

We have prepared for you a comprehensive offer of wooden prefabricated houses. In combination with modern large-area materials, wood, as a time-tested building material, makes an easily accessible, ecological and very pleasant and healthy environment for leaving. From the technological point of view, it is hard to find anything that can compete with small and medium-sized houses created with the system of modern wooden buildings and individually developed.

We bring you an offer of wooden houses, from simple buildings to those designed for larger extended families, and from typical Czech architecture to very modern architectural solutions. Our houses are created with a sandwich system construction that uses a very modern manufacturing and assembly process.

Modern and properly designed and implemented constructions on the basis of wood have a whole range of economic and ecological advantages, both in construction and during long-term use by satisfied customers. The costs of heating houses and other buildings with a modern wood-based construction and with thermal insulation of sufficient thickness are significantly lower than for brick houses.

The lower thermal accumulation abilities of light wooden constructions are made possible by using a flexible heating system and construction with a high thermal resistance to permit significant savings on the energy used to heat the building. The immediate thermal losses of wooden houses are very low and the time needed to achieve thermal comfort inside the house is significantly shortened. Through savings on the running costs of wooden houses, favorable economic conditions to pay back the loan or mortgage are created.

Further services

Sale of floorboards (tiling and flooring)

Production and assembly of roof truss beams.

Application of Climatizer Plus blown insulation to the walls, roof, and ceiling.

Tinsmithing and roofing work.

Roof and loft extensions, including interiors.

Thermal façades on houses and prefabricated concrete blocks of flats.

Complete plasterboard work. 

Our certification

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