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The construction to finish – Diffusively opened Vario Diffu

Pplatné od 1.1.2016. Zadávací listina stavby zpřesňuje tento standard.

Project management activity

- project for building permission and production documents – contractor
- building permission – customer

Lower construction – customer

Accuracy of performance of the foundation slab – maximum difference in proportions ±1 cm, diagonals ±2 cm, height-altitude tolerance ±0.3 cm.

The infrastructure necessary for launching the construction

- NN 220 V electricity supply at a distance of 10 m from the construction (in particular examples also 380 V, 25 A)
- water at a distance of 15 m from the building

Upper construction – contractor

1. Outer walls approx.  300 mm
(composition of the walls from inside to outside)
12.5 mm plasterboard
40 mm wooden grate (can be filled with insulation)
18 mm OSB board P+D
160 mm wooden construction
160 mm Knauf insulation
60 mm wooden-fibre board
3.5 mm mesh with a plaster base layer
1-3 mm steam-permeable silicon plaster

2. Inner walls approx. 130mm
(composition of the walls from inside to outside)
15 mm Rigistabil ACTIV air
100 mm wooden construction
80 mm ISOVER insulation
15 mm Rigistabil ACTIV air

Implementation of plasterboard sealant according to the Rigips Q2 standard

3. Building of the ceiling approx. 280 mm
(direction from bottom to upper part)
house with an attic
15 mm plasterboard
28 mm CD profiles or wooden grate
80 mm ISOVER insulation
220 mm ceiling beams (according to statistics)
18 mm OSB board (according to statistics)


single-storey house:
12.5 mm plasterboard
28 mm CD profiles wooden grate
vapour barrier (vapour barrier foil or OSB board)
250 mm Climatizer Plus (blown cellulose)
tie beam construction

Implementation of plasterboard sealant according to the Rigips Q2 standard

4. Roof construction
roofing material concrete tile with accessories for gorge, groin, ridge, 1x ventilation permeable tail (drainage).

house with an attic:
contra levelling, roof levelling
diffusion roof foil
15 mm DHF board
rafters 80 x 180 mm with machined endings
250  mm Climatizer Plus (paper cellulose)
15 mm Egger OSB board P+D with taped-up joints
40-mm wooden or systematic grate (can be filled with insulation)
12.5 mm plasterboard

single-storey house:
contra levelling, roof leveling
roof foil
roof beam construction
underhammer floorboards

Implementation of plasterboard sealant according to the Rigips Q2 standard

5. The construction of the roof
All roof constructions are made at a pressure of 1.9 KN/m2.
Type: gable roof, purlin set finished with machined ending of the rafters.

6. Gutters and drainpipes
- galvanized sheet

7. Windows and balcony doors
White plastic. Thermal resistance of the glass U = 1.1. Clear glass without wire mesh.
Sealing + metal device to open the window (handle, hinge).
Non-opening windows in the project marked as fixed.
Roof window Fakro Thermo Plus 78x118 cm.

8. Windowsills
Outer sills aluminium.
Inner sills plastic.

9. Shades and blinds are not part of the standard version.
On request, outer aluminium laminated shades can be added, controlled from inside by a tape with a brake mechanism in the wall. 

10. Entrance doors and gates
The doors are white and plastic and cost CZK 25,000.

Hörmann 250x212.5 cm sectional garage door, white, manual groove M, woodgrain surface.

11. Interior staircase
All interior stairs are of solid beech wood.The staircase is equipped with underscale.
Railings - The vertical bars of the railings are straight and without decoration. Surface treatment clear lacquer.

12. Balcony
The standard offer does not include any balconies or loggias, roller blinds, window shutters or similar components.

The rest

The construction is completed to a standard design. It does not include any technological or mechanical devices. Any equipment or devices shown in the plans or sales brochures serve only as offers of equipment and are not a contractual part of the work. Any work which the customer carries out on the basis of the written contract in the construction diary will be deducted from the price of the final settlement according to the budget prices of the contractor. At the customer’s request, the standard can be changed.

A record of the handover of the construction between the contractor and the customer will be prepared by the contractor. 

Diffusively opened construction – Vario Diffu

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