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Description of turnkey construction

Platné od 1.1.2016. Zadávací listina stavby zpřesňuje tento standard.

Floor construction

Floor construction – ground floor – approx. 130 mm

floor tiling  10-15 mm
poured self-levelling coating 35-40 mm
compensatory polystyrene PSB - S 20  80 mm
polyethylene foil

Floor composition – floor – approx. 100 mm

floor tiling  10-15 mm
poured self-levelling coating 35 mm
polystyrene step inhibition 50 mm

Floor tiling

Residential area – at a cost of 400 CZK/m2 without subsidiary material and assembly. Flooring is counted in the foyer, bathrooms, toilet, and utility rooms. Garage – cement coating (ensured by the builder).

Tiling of the walls

Ceramic tiling in the bathroom and toilet at a price from  CZK 300/m without subsidiary material and assembly to the height of 2 m.


Distribution system for hot and cold water, distribution of drainage, grey PVC.

Fixtures – 50 cm white ceramic washbasin, lever taps (chrome), white ceramic combi WC, shower with lever taps (chrome), 170/70-cm white metal (plastic) washbasin, wall-mounted lever taps for the bathtub (chrome), one outside garden valve. All ventilation is solved by penetrating the wall. The number of objects to be assembled is given by the study. 

Electrical iinstallation

Distribution system copper, standardized power distribution, switches and sockets – standard white colour.

Basic equipment of the ground floor

Living room 4 sockets, 2 switches, 1 TV socket, 2 light fittings
Entrance corridor 2 staircase sockets, 1 socket, 1 light fitting
Kitchen 1 connection for an electric cooker, 2 sockets, 2 sockets in the kitchen unit, 2 sockets, 2 light fittings
Bathroom 1 switch, 1 socket, 1 light fitting, 1 outlet for a washing machine
Staircase 2 staircase sockets, 2 light fittings
Rooms 2 switches, 4 sockets, 1 light fitting, 1 telephone socket
WC and shower 1 switch, 1 light fitting, 1 socket
Outside 1 waterproof socket, 2 entrance switches, 1 light fitting and a bell
Garage 1 switch, 1 light fitting, 2 sockets

The price does not include the electricity supply to the house from the switchboard, lights, telephone cables, cables for computers, security devices and 380V cables.


Plastic cables, Protherm Rejnok electric boiler + 120-litre water heater for heating TUV (Baxi 3B40 gas boiler with built-in 40-l container TUV), Radik radiators (white) with thermostatic heads.

The customer arranges the servicing of the boiler and the gas supply is arranged with a local company.

Interior doors

Full doors with a foil, beech or white in colour, ironwork standard according to the producer of the door.
Door frames in the same design as the doors. Ironwork from CZK 400/pc.

Price of the door including the door frames, ironwork and assembly from CZK 6,000.

Painting work

All walls and the ceilings in all rooms are white and smooth and painted with Primalex-plus.


The extraction of fumes from the kitchen is not covered by the standard.

Final acceptance inspection is carried out by the customer.

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