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We have prepared a comprehensive offer of wooden assembled houses for you. Wood, a construction material that has proved its worth, makes easily accessible, ecological, very pleasant healthy environment for life together with modern largescale materials. From a technological standpoint, small and mid-size objects realised by the system of modern wooden houses within individual projects face hardly any competition.

We are bringing you an offer of wooden houses from simpler constructions up to multigenerational objects, from typical Czech architecture to very modern and contemporary architectural solutions. Our houses are made by a sandwich-structure construction with the use of very modern product and fitting processes.

Modern, well-designed and realised constructions on a wooden basis have a plethora of economic and ecological advantages in the process itself as well as when used in the long-term by satisfied customers. Costs of heating stand-alone houses and other objects from modern constructions on a wooden basis with sufficient thickness of heat insulation are distinctly lower than those of brick houses.

It is possible to use lower temperature accumulation abilities of light wooden constructions for enormous energy saving that is necessary to heat an object. Immediate heat loss of wooden construction is very low and the period needed to reach thermal comfort at home is also reduced. By saving costs for living in a wooden construction, there will be more beneficial economic conditions for paying a loan or a mortgage.

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It was 2000 and, at that time, we started realising our first assembled houses as well. Initially, our company aimed at technically more advanced and more demanding countries of Western Europe, such as Switzerland or Germany. Today, we stay in our homeland and we build houses across the whole area of the Czech Republic.



We emphasise production of each part of a construction and material preparation, which is the reason why we chose a plant in Uničov, Czech Republic. Here, all the technological processes run in roofed and tempered spaces where everything is completely secured against any climatic events.



The quality of our work is based on founders and owners of the company’s longterm experience. The full system of production and assemblage is fully certified and regularly overseen by accredited certification organs and authorised persons. Quality is one of our priorities that we will never relegate to secondary status.



We are not indifferent to ecology either. We work with certified and ecological materials safe for health. The construction system is based on a stable load-bearing structure with a mineral insulation filling and cladded with large-scale materials. We work in systems of closed as well as diffusion open constructions.



From an idea to testing – this is what our journey together will look like. We strive to make warm relationships with our clients. Our activity is based on tight cooperation with a customer that has an option to consult the whole team of qualified experts anytime. With a shared open approach, our cooperation will be even better. At the same time, our goal is also to create a perfect combination of functionality and esthetics you will be 100% satisfied with.


Further services

Sale of floorboards (tiling and flooring)

Production and assembly of roof truss beams.

Application of Climatizer Plus blown insulation to the walls, roof, and ceiling.

Tinsmithing and roofing work.

Roof and loft extensions, including interiors.

Thermal façades on houses and prefabricated concrete blocks of flats.

Complete plasterboard work. 

Our Certificates

Out-of-Court Resolution of Consumer Disputes

The consumer has a right to bring an action for an out-of-court resolution of a dispute. In such a case, the consumer may contact the subject of the out-of-court resolution of the dispute which is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority ( and follow the guidelines. More information on out-of-court resolution of disputes may be found at the Czech Trade Inspection Authority website (

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