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Blown isolation – thermal insulation of the house

We provide professional insulation of the house with the blown thermal acoustic insulation Climatizer Plus. It’s an absolutely unique product both in terms of its substance and in the very unusual way it’s applied. Climatizer Plus is blown isolation that is suitable for insulating every part of the construction, such as floors, ceilings, attics, walls, or roofs. It offers excellent technical qualities, but its use is also very highly economically advantageous, with a fast return on investment. It’s because of these qualities that the new blown insulation technology is so favourable and is preferred by all builders.

Our primary aims are a satisfied customer for both small and big orders and providing professional services on a high technical level. We have a responsibility to all our customers throughout the negotiations, technical assessment, and the implementation of contracts. We endeavour to ensure these values are shared with all our partners in the Czech Republic. 

Excellent thermal isolation

  • thermal conductivity λD = 0.038 
  • thanks to its high thermal capacity the isolation is highly effective both in the winter and in the summer
  • low diffusion resistance enables construction with a diffusively opened construction
  • good anti-fire qualities – excellent resistance during the application to wooden houses
  • excellent improvement of the acoustics of the building

Fast return on investment

  • delivery of the material to the building site by a professional company
  • very short delivery time and high work productivity
  • it does not disturb the operation of the site, even while additional insulation is being added
  • the favourable price, together with the high utility value of the product, brings a rapid return on the money invested

Easy and fast application

  • the unique natural cellulose fibre fills all the details of the construction without spaces or thermal bridges
  • technical consultation is free of charge before the personal visit of our technician, proposal for the best realisation, and in doubtful and unusual cases a check on the proposal by means of a building-physical calculation
  • non-binding outline price offer before the realisation (without any legal loopholes or small print anywhere)
  • application usually within two weeks of ordering

Harmless to the environment and health

  • permanent effort to improve the parameters = for us, being ecological means being technologically at the pinnacle at the same time
  • many health references, resistance against fungus, biodegradable after liquidation 
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